Matches That Time Forgot #52

I found a real beauty.  It's a match from USWA circa 1993.  We have Scotty Flamingo (a.k.a. Raven...ha!) versus Jeff Jarrett.  JJ was only a few months away from being called up to the majors.  It's strange seeing him work as a babyface, although it's not as surreal/sad/funny as Jerry Lawler sticking with traditional Memphis booking in 1993.  This whole segment has "1981" written all over it.  Apparently, Flamingo and Brian Christopher had just stolen the tag titles from The Moondogs.  There was a title switch every two weeks, so I'm not sure why the crowd is exacerbated.  Oh, right...they are marks.  Redneck marks.  The horror, the horror!

The match itself is way too short.  You might even say that it's laconic or diminutive in stature (y'know, if you were a dick).  Lawler's offspring interferes, and The Moondogs interfere with said interference.  The actual wrestling is respectable enough.  As much as it pains me to admit such an apostasy, I can't deny Jarrett's in-ring skills.   You don't know how hard that was for me to type.  FACTOID: Men on a Mission originated in USWA where they were dubbed The Harlem Knights.

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