Random thoughts on the WWE Network...

I've had the WWE Network since Monday.  I've only experienced one day of uninterrupted, snag-free service.  That would be...today.  Frustrating?  That's putting it mildly, but hold onto your fedora of fault-finding.  Technical gaffes are to be expected with the launch of any multi-media venture of this breadth and volume.  Let's wait and see how the network holds up over the next few weeks.  More importantly, let's see how WWE's servers respond to the assiduous influx of traffic levied by Wrestlemania.  If the live feed cuts out during Brock Lesnar's epic encounter with The Undertaker, God help the McMahon family.  Thousands of fans would cancel their subscriptions, and so would I.

But that hasn't happened yet (knock on wood).  Issues are being arbitrated, and I'm starting to enjoy the content that the WWE Network has to offer.  I just watched a shaving of WCW Beach Blast '92.  Scotty Flamingo vs. Flyin' Brian Pillman was way better than I remembered.  Sure, Baby Raven was greener than zucchini leukocytes on St. Patrick's Day (wait, what?), but it was a spirited exchange that utilized the entire ring.  I've pegged the Rude/Steamboat Iron Man Match for later tonight.  Motherfucking Steamboat, people.  I could watch any PPV if I wanted to, and not that it's any of your goddamn business, but I'll probably catch up on all of the ECW stuff I discounted in the 90's.

Of course, the first actual live stream was NXT: Arrival.  I can't believe how much buzz this two-hour special has generated.  Can the good will amassed by Paige, Emma, Sami Zayn, The Ascension and Tyler Breeze (among others) translate to the main roster?  How many regular viewers of Raw and Smackdown tuned in last night?  Zayn and Cesaro worked a "match of the year" candidate that was able to tell a story with impeccable wrestling.  Paige and Emma upstaged the entire Diva's division.  That match felt more meaningful and significant than any women's bout in the WWE since Lita's retirement.

Don't get me wrong; I still heart A.J., but who does she have to work with?  Emma needs to ditch Santino as soon as fucking possible.  At any rate, The Ascension was also on display.  They have the potential to be the next Road Warriors, or at least the next Acolyte Protection Agency.  The future is so bright, I need sunglasses.  HAHA!  My brain's feed is cutting out.

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