Important Update

I've got one, maybe two more reviews to offer before I leave for my surgery. I was supposed to see The Wolfman tonight, but inclement weather is currently pissing on my parade. If I see it tomorrow, I may just scribble down a few thoughts on the film instead of writing a full-on review. After I recover from being torn open, I have cool things planned for RR. A new column perhaps? We'll see. Be sure to Enter the Get Well Soon Giveaway if you haven't already. I need some valentines, people!


  1. Oh, crrraaaapppp! I sent you a Valentine and I just got it back. I got the address from "The Man Cave" and yes I may have had a beer or two that particular night and I may have written the address down a little wrong..so you'll get a late one. But, hey man it's the thought that counts right?
    Important Tips for Hospital Recovery:
    1. Do NOT proposition your interns or nurses, I have found that this can happen with certain drugs and it may be embarrassing the day after.
    2. Put spices in your toiletries, because that food is way bland...do NOT mix up your foot powder with your salt shaker.

    Here's a Happy Valentine to you and wishing you a quick recovery. Put some fresh cut up ginger in a bottle of water in your fridge before you go so it will be there when you come home, it's great for queasy stomachs and lots of other healthy stuff. I'm off the the Man Cave to get that address again, sober this time!

  2. Wait, I'm not supposed to proposition my nurses? Uh-oh!

  3. Propositioning nurses and interns is the usual side effect of sodium penthonal (that is misspelled but it is a truth serum type of drug they use before surgery) I know from past experiences that one could possibly proposition Nurses, Interns, Doctors or even the Janitor who goes on duty about midnight. Other drugs have side effects which are more loathsome and don't have the amnesia type effects that I have come to hope for. Hope your doing well, and hope that Nurse, Intern, Doctor or Janitor is a pretty one. Hurry back Dom, we miss you!