The Super Bowl Post-Game Report

Okay, my Colts didn't win, but the Saints deserved to be the Super Bowl champs. Here's my little rundown of the big shindig.


There are a few reasons why the Colts weren't able to pick up their second Super Bowl victory in four years. For one, they were outcoached. The onside kick to start off the second half was a brilliant move, and yes, I would have said that if the Saints didn't recover. Indy's play calls didn't make sense. After an impressive defensive stand at the goal line with two minutes to go until halftime, the Colts ran the ball three times. What the hell? They had plenty of time to at least get the ball in field goal range, but it's almost as if they were trying to give the ball back to New Orleans.

Drew Brees was quite efficient. Props to Dwight Freeney for giving his all and netting a sack, but it wasn't enough. He was a non-factor in the second half. Also, Manning came across as tired. In my opinion, he (and several other choice starters) should have played four quarters in all sixteen games of the regular season. But that's a conversation for a different day. Basically, what I'm trying to say is...congrats, Who Dat Nation!


Overall, the ads were pretty funny. I never thought I'd see Betty White play football in the mud. Where were all of the cool movie trailers? I counted one. Did I miss something?


I'm not a fan of The Who, but I was hoping that they would win me over with their chops and their energy. They didn't. They have got to be the most boring classic rock band on the planet. I don't get the appeal. I know that the NFL has steered clear of younger acts ever since a certain "wardrobe malfunction," but they need to do something to spice up the halftime show.

That's all, folks. 'Twas a decent game. Last year's match-up was more exhilarating.


  1. The Who were great in the sixties, but after that they began a long, tedious march towards insignificance. Once Keith Moon died, they should have packed it in. When John Entwhistle died, they really should have packed it in. Check out some of their early albums to understand why they matter, and try to blot the sad spectacle of 60+ year old men trying to rock out of your mind.

  2. My hubby was for the Saints so I went for the Colts and we had a whole $5.00 on the line. I loved the Muddy Betty and Abe commercial, that was a good one. Love those commercials and wait all year for them!

  3. The Betty White spot was f'n hilarious. I'm juts glad it was a good game that stayed pretty much close to the end.