Matches That Time Forgot #55

The less said about Hulk Hogan's 2003 run as Mr. America, the better.  Allow me to contradict myself by talking about it.  Just a year prior, Hogan worked his watershed match at Wrestlemania 22 against The Rock.  He was back on top in the company that put him on the map.  So Vince dandified him as a batty, borderline-plagiaristic midcarder on Smackdown.  Granted, the blue brand held more sway in those days, but as Sean O'Haire can attest to, The Hulkster wasn't battling all-stars.  To be clear, I'm not pissing on O'Haire.  That dude had raw talent (pardon the blighted pun), and he was given a sweet gimmick.  For whatever reason, he amounted to Mantaur-levels of nothing.

The story here is that a heel Mr. McMahon tried desperately to prove that "newcomer" Mr. America was actually Hulk Hogan.  Admittedly, it was an entertaining angle.  Roddy Piper was even brought in to spar with The Red And Yellow Godhead, but crowds didn't take to him as a villain.  He was already too much of a fun-loving legend.  Oh, the match that time forgot.  The stipulation?  If O'Haire wins, Hogan has to submit to a lie detector test.  It's...alright.  What can I say?  There is some estimable action in between reiterative rest holds.  If you're wondering, Mr. America passed his polygraph with flying colors.

The program was abruptly dropped when Hogan left the WWE over contract disputes.  Sadly, his last appearance in The Fed involved Hornswoggle and The Great Khali.  Ugh.

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