Blood Capsule #36


This Asylum mockbuster hit DVD as Attack From Beneath, so I'm assuming that the crack legal team behind everyone's favorite z-studio ran afoul of juridical drawbacks.  But make no mistake; this is a flagrant, shameless riff on Pacific Rim.  By normal standards, it's reprehensible.  By Asylum standards, it's...intermediate.  It's certainly not the worst glob of anal mulch they have secreted onto video shelves, but is that the encomium that they were fishing for?  I feel like I'm comparing serial killers.  "Hey, he may have murdered seven women, but at least he didn't rape them."  That's Atlantic Rim.  It didn't rape your sister's corpse.  Two thumbs up?

The monsters simply hatch from out of nowhere.  We don't learn shit about them, and to add crucifixion to injury, we only see one kind of mega-beastie.  Granted, I dug the pelagic, Elasmosaur-esque design.  The "Level 3" creature is badass, although budgetary restrictions severely limit his (her?) screen time.  Treach of Naughty by Nature fame gives the most grounded performance here.  Yeah.  The dialogue is insufferable, which wouldn't be an issue if Atlantic Rim was adequately entertaining.  It doesn't have the fun, carefree vibe that an Asylum production should have, in my opinion.  Still, I could justify renting it on a stodgy Saturday night.

Maybe if this flick was given a robust budget and a talented director...

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