Geek Out #93

This might be the best Geek Out I've ever posted.  And that's no hyperbole, son.  Now, those unfortunate enough to know me on a personal level understand that I love 1997's The Night Flier in a ruinous, monomaniacal way.  In my (accurate) opinion, it's the most underrated Stephen King adaptation on the planet.  Director Mark Pavia is currently working on a King-sourced anthology, so this would be an apt time to release his feature-length debut onto Blu-ray.  The anonymous user who uploaded today's Geek Out footage to YouTube has launched an online petition to get the ball rolling on such an endeavor.  About the footage...

It's over 60 minutes of behind-the-scenes material that have never seen the light of day.  Clearly, this news coaxed an acrid load of trouser gravy from the pith of my peat moss.  What a find!  Some of it doesn't have audio, and it will only interest super fans of The Night Flier, but whatever.  It's crazy cool.  Thanks to Nick Schwab for the heads up.

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