Matches That Time Forgot #59

Hindsight can make anyone a judicious oracle of sapience (a what of what?).  In hindsight, we know that giving The Ultimate Warrior the brass ring wasn't a sound decision.  It didn't yield favorable results long-term, but when you watch an early Warrior bout, you can't blame Vinnie Mac for pushing the fucker to Saturn.  How was he to know that Jim Hellwig was a flake in waiting?  Look at the reaction he gets in today's match that time forgot, a six-man tag from 1988.  Relatively speaking, Warrior was a wishful apprentice.  He was as green as a turtle's undercarriage, but the crowd fucking loved him.

Watch as he teams up with The British Bulldogs to accost Mr. Fuji and Demolition.  The crazy son of a bitch doesn't even need the other five participants to entertain the attendees.  I'm not convinced that he realizes it's a tag team match.  That's our Warrior!  He botches a gorilla press slam towards the end, but who cares?  The shrill, deafening fans clearly don't, and that's what matters.

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