Spider Walk

So was Battleground a PPV or an episode of Raw?  For the most part, the card delivered, but what the fuck kind of ending was that?  No decision?  People paid cash (well, I didn't) for a non-resolution?  They seemed to be going in the right direction as recently as a few weeks ago, but at some point, you have to present a payoff.  The WWE needs a champion, and I'm not talking about Alberto Del Rio.  The main event is in a state of disrepair.  Luckily, the midcard is thriving.

Goldust/Cody Rhodes versus The Shield was a "Match of the Year" candidate.  It's rare to see consummate wrestling collide with consummate storytelling, but that's precisely what happened.  And fucking Goldust hit a diving crossbody off of the top rope!  Holy shit!  We also saw Dusty's bionic elbow make an appearance.  Talk about a crowd pleaser.  I'm hoping that this will lead to The Bizarre One working a semi-regular schedule.  Oh, the spider walk.  If you didn't catch it, Bray Wyatt fucking spider walked during his bout against Kofi Kingston.  It was creepy and amazing.

Seriously, someone needs to make an animated graphics interchange format (or GIF) of that shit pronto.  I still need to review Puppet Master: Axis Rising, don't I?  Goddamn it.

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