Blood Capsule #44


This one is...odd.  It's a "demon possession" pic, a political thriller and a lubberly actioner all fucked into one.  Do you like cornball Chuck Norris movies?  What about cheap, aimless slashers?  Yeah?  You're good to go!  Demonstone (a.k.a. Deathstone) has the ideas of a capricious conspiracy theorist and the budget of a penny-pinching skinflint.  The convoluted plot finds R. Lee Ermey and Jan-Michael Vincent (that's right, motherfucker) struggling to solve ritualistic murders in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.  Each victim is branded with the same acroamatic insignia.  To make a stupid story short, it dates back to a slain Monk and his vengeful curse.

Corrupt bureaucrats pin the blame on an American Marine, but the viewer knows better.  We get to see the comic, yet uneventful death sequences.  Demonstone is frugal in the gore department, unless you count soft-pedal squibs.  There is plenty of gunplay, however.  Fuck, these people waste more bullets than I do when I masturbate.  This is the very definition of direct-to-video urine.  In spite of itself, Demonstone is entertaining, and while I'm throwing around hospitable laurels, the acting is alright.  If it were the 90's, I would tell you to rent it from your local video store.

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