H.R. Giger (1940-2014)

I'm a complete dumb-dumb when it comes to art, but I've always known enough to know that H.R. Giger was one of the most unique and brilliant artists on the planet.  Like most genre nuts my age, I became aware of Giger's work through 1979's Alien.  It's a classic film for many reasons, set/creature design chief among them.  Take a second to cogitate on the history of sci-fi/horror cinema.  Has there been a monster more imitated (read: ripped off) than the xenomorph?  Godzilla has been the only beast to reach that level of prestige.  Impressive company, no?

Of course, the come-slither occupants of LV-426 represent a bald fraction of Giger's oeuvre.  His art is nightmarish.  Stark.  Provocative.  Dripping with subtext.  And it all resides in the same harrowing universe.  We lost a supernova, folks.  Thankfully, we are still afforded the privilege of staring in bewilderment at Giger's masterstrokes.  I hope they play Triptykon at his funeral.


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