Blood Capsule #54


I was held at gunpoint and told to watch this film.  I had seen the title (several times, in fact), but I knew very little about the plot.  Turns out, Byzantium is a unique vampire swivet that follows two "sisters" as they gull men and attempt to scrape by without being smelled out as bloodsuckers.  The story is told in the present day, though it's often plaited with flashbacks.  Honestly, I don't want to say too much as it relates to the mechanics of the narrative.  I enjoyed watching it unfold myself, and I think it's one of those movies where it's best to arrive blindfolded, so to speak.  My, this is getting kinky.  If this capsule gets too ribald and rascally for you, you might want to consider getting laid.

Right, so Byzantium was directed by cult maverick Neil Jordan.  I like it when he dips his toes into horror waters.  Naturally, it's just as much a drama as it is a fright feature.  I'm tiptoeing around a certain word - "romance" I believe it is, but don't let that preclude you from Netflixing this histrionic production.  The acting is fantastic (Saoirse Ronan should be far more popular; the same applies to Gemma Arterton's boobs), the score is handsome and the ending gratifies.  I had questions here and there, but I refuse to spoil anything.  You better rent Byzantium.  I'm holding a gun to your head.

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