More Stuff I'm Listening to

I remember distinctly saying that I didn't want to create a new "feature," yet here I am collating a second edition of Stuff I'm Listening To.  This is your fault.  I should point out a couple of things.  1) This feature (damn it) spotlights bands I have recently discovered.  This is literally stuff I'm listening to NOW.  Well, maybe not RIGHT NOW as I'm typing.  You know what I mean.  2) It won't always be Christ-raping metal; I dig that shit, but I listen to a wide conglomeration of muzak.  Today, I have two (very) different bands on the docket.

Social Distortion - I kept hearing "Ball and Chain" on Music Choice and thought to myself, "Oh yeah, I remember those guys."  I don't normally go for straight-up punk, but SD doesn't play straight-up punk.  This is punk meshed with blues meshed with rockabilly.  And even outlaw country!  1996's White Light, White Heat, White Trash (my album of choice) is more country than anything on CMT.  It's all depression, whiskey and...well, life.  "Dear Lover" is catchy on an endemic level, as is MTV hit "I Was Wrong."  I love Mike Ness's weathered voice.  Slick your hair back, dangle a cigarette from your lips and blast this American-made gut rock from your Chevrolet.

Jungle Rot - I'll be perfectly honest.  I have only heard one Jungle Rot record start-to-finish, 2015's Order Shall Prevail.  And it's fucking ferocious.  Prime death metal with a clawful of Dying Fetus-style slams thrown in for good measure.  They also remind me of Exhumed in the way that they knit tasty leads into organ-scrunching thrashers.  Which organ?  Pick one.  Then let Jungle Rot scrunch the shit out of it.  The main riff of "E.F.K." should do the trick.  EAT!  FUCK!  KILL!

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  1. Social Distortion are such a great band. Not a bad album in the bunch although my preferred ones are the Self-titled and Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, the later being absolutely flawless.