NXT Round-Up

Honestly, to be honest, if I’m being honest, in all candor and in all actuality, there isn’t much to discuss this week. God, I can’t wait! Hey, here’s a tidbit; I’m writing this part without power. Due to inclement weather, our whole neighborhood suffered a literal power outage (I’m running on plenty of emotional power, don’t worry). And I was so close to finishing my uber-battery, a Copernican, world-shaking invention that will supply electricity to an entire country! Oh, well. Might as well scrap it.

EMBER MOON VS. LEI'D TAPA ~ Tapa is a former TNA Knockout as well as a former MMA competitor.  I'm familiar with her, and I'm curious as to why she isn't involved in the Mae Young Classic.  For an athlete with such a palpable size advantage (she's a tanker), Tapa can move.  This was a compact match, but it was executed perfectly. Heat, shine, finish.  Boom.  After her win, Ember got on the horn and challenged Asuka to a championship bout at Takeover: Brooklyn.  I'm in love.

BABYFACE SANITY ~ Well, that was unexpected.  This is an instance of talents "switching sides" on account of their targets (in this case, Authors of Pain).  AOP was scheduled to squash a pair of jobbers, but hold up, playa.  Nikki Cross comes out while Dain and Wolfe eliminate the jobbers.  Fine by me.  We're still waiting on TM-61 to hop off of the disabled list, and Heavy Machinery already lost a title match.  Could Sanity be the ones to finally oust Paul Ellering's Authors?  Will Hemoglobin the Kangaroo stand up to the bullies at Vainglory Central High?  Can this paragraph be saved???

SELINA VEGA ~ My spelling may be off, but that's the name given to Andrade Cien Almas's lady friend.  Our power is back!

DREW MCINTYRE ~ McIntyre cuts one hell of a promo, referencing his erstwhile handle of The Chosen One.  Dude is on a hot streak, and I'm picking him to take the title off of Bobby Roode.  I'm totally on board.  Not only has he figured out how to work a microphone, he looks badass.  Barrel-chested, grizzled, at least 6-foot-5...I'm in lo--wait, what?

THE MAIN EVENT ~ Kassius Ohno versus Hideo Itami ends in a disqualification.  I dug how it started as a technical contest and became more impassioned as it went on.  Itami completes his heel turn, delivering three GTS's to an enfeebled Ohno.  Oh, no!  Yes, I've been sitting on that awful, awful joke since he re-debuted.  I have no shame.

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