Album Cover(s) of the Whatever

I wouldn't call it a "Halloween hangover," but my mind is at rest for the time being.  I haven't decided where to take the site next.  One option is to dedicate the next month or two to music, which I've ignored as of late.  Another option is to take an extended hiatus.  A third and less desirable option is to maintain the status quo, updating things like I normally would.  Obviously, I'll let you fine folks (all three of you) know what I decide, but until then, I ran across a couple of SICK album covers.  I couldn't pick between the two!

Fuck yeah!  Cult of Eibon plays thrashy black metal, and honestly, I'm not goo-goo over them.  But that cover!

Acid Witch is back!  I still remember the day I discovered them.  Click HERE to read my old review of their full-length debut (it contains a goddamn MySpace link!).  For the record, I dig Evil Sound Screamers.  It's the band's heaviest, most macabre release yet, and they nailed the artwork yet again.  I'm picking up a strong "Stephen King paperback" vibe from that cover.

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