Acid Witch plays fuzzy, doom-encrusted death metal in the style of Autopsy and Impetigo. The catch is that each composition is covered and smothered in horror sound effects. 2008's Witchtanic Hellucinations is the perfect album to play at a Halloween party. I know I've said that about other albums, but this stuff is tailor-made to serve as a backdrop to scary movie marathons and costume contests. The intro says it all. We hear a cackling witch who tells us how eerie and ghoulish the rest of the tracks are, and then, the rumbling distortion of the guitars kicks in, giving way to ten lo-fi graveyard disturbances (plus two instrumentals).

Witchtanic Hellucinations has just as much in common with John Carpenter's synth scores than it does death metal. The synth lines are exceedingly catchy and exceedingly "80's." If you're a film score buff, you'll delight in the electronic melodies that hover over the filthy riffs on display. As for the vocals, we get standard issue gurgling, but I don't know that I would want it any other way. The spluttered growls fit. You can forget about burping along, though, unless you have the disgusting lyric sheet handy.

Acid Witch can be found on the roster for Razorback Recordings. I'm beginning to think that the higher-ups at the label are reading my mind because Acid Witch is the kind of band that I would start. I'm also keen on Fondlecorpse, Lord Gore, and Hooded Menace. Promise me that you'll check these bands out or that you'll at least check out Acid Witch. I'm telling you, Witchtanic Hellucinations was custom-built for anyone following this blog. If you're not sold, sample "Cauldron Cave." I'll even provide the MySpace link...



  1. Not bad! I definitely like that guitar tone. I think Rue Morgue Magazine just did an article on Razorback Records about a month ago. Basically they're committed to extreme metal bands that take horror seriously, so yeah, sounds like your new favorite label.

  2. Very nice, that may be the highest score I have seen since I started reading!