Kreativ Blogger Award

Geof over at Enter the Man Cave gave me this pretty award for having a neat-o blog. Isn't it spiffy? In all seriousness, I do appreciate being nominated. It feels good to be complimented on something you've put a lot of work into. Now, I'm supposed to nominate other blogs. There is a list of other rules that I'm supposed to follow, but naturally, I'm going to break most of them. Sorry, Geof! For instance, I'm supposed to list seven interesting things about myself. Since I can't think of seven, I'm going to list...less than seven.

-I could eat Subway every single day. And yet, I'd like to deck that Jared prick.
-I own hundreds of comic books. My favorite has got to be a Godzilla comic from the mid-90's, as it was the first that I ever purchased with my own money.
-I'm afraid of bees.
-I appear five times on Cannibal Corpse's Centuries of Torment DVD. I was interviewed after a gig by some chick with a camera. Little did I know that they would actually use the footage!
-I'm an expert on giants, and I've written a couple of articles on Robert Wadlow, the tallest man in history.

There you go. As for the blogs that I'm passing this award onto, please scroll down and view my list of other cool blogs ingeniously entitled, "Other Cool Blogs." You're all nominated!

I'll be back tomorrow with another random review. Stay tuned, dear readers!

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