Miscarriage - PROMO EP

This is my first stab at reviewing an up-and-coming unsigned band. If I receive more requests, this may become a regular column. For now, I'm reviewing a 3-song promo EP from a band out of Virginia called Miscarriage. No, they're not a "porn grind" outfit, although there is a delightfully sick sample at the end of "Malpractice." This is melodic black metal with a dash of death metal. These guys are worth checking out if you're into, say, God Dethroned or The Black Dahlia Murder. The production is impressive. Guitars aren't very threatening, but the drums and vocals sound clean and refurbished.

Miscarriage reminds me of a band I might hear on Music Choice, a digital cable radio service that has a nice metal station. They play this kind of stuff all of the time. By the same token, Miscarriage doesn't feel fresh or unique. Most metalheads are growing weary of this style. I mean, you can only do so much with blastbeats, but at least Miscarriage does their thing in a proficient manner. I can hear a great deal of untapped potential in this spine-snapping trio of songs. Give it a listen by following the link below.


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  1. I think this is an excellent idea, keep your blog on the pulse of new metal and youre sure to expose people to stuff theyve never heard before! Making the jump to Myspace