Get Well Soon Giveaway

The second contest here at Random Reviews is a real doozy. Next month, I'll be going under the knife at Duke University Hospital. I'll be out of commission for awhile, so to make things a little less miserable, I'm going to force YOU - yes, YOU - to cheer me up. In return, you may win some incredibly cool, incredibly random horror-related prizes. Here's how to enter...

Send either a Get Well Soon greeting card or a valentine (the surgery takes place on the day after V-Day...talk about bummer!) to...

Dom Coccaro
5683 Claridge Dr.
Hickory, NC 28602

The three winners will be selected through a random drawing. Here's what you could win...

RUNNER-UP: 2 Items

The items could be anything from vintage comics to b-movies to action figures to whatever the hell I want to send you (don't worry, it will be WAY COOL). North American residents only. Contest ends March 1st.

Good luck!


  1. Hey Dom, I hope everything turns out alright man! Ill think of something to cheer you up! Expect something cool in the mail..dont worry it will be WAY COOL.

  2. I hope that doesnt mean students are cutting you open for their sick experiments again.. Look what happened last time! That second head never grew back..

    Best wishes man, I'll keep you in mind on the 14th

  3. Get Well Valentine is on it's way, get better quick!

  4. Man Dom I wish I had checked this blog sooner to know about this. Not for the contests sake but just to send you a get well card in time! I really hope to hear from you soon, Ive been going through a lot of bullshit so havent been online as much. I miss you though and can't wait for another phone call

  5. Hey Dom, I sent you something! Let me know when your okay again, I want to know if you got it!