Before I begin, I want to give a quick shout-out to Franco (or Spacemonkey, depending on what site you're visiting). He reviewed Alucarda not too long ago and convinced me to check it out. I've always been drawn to sacrilegious art. I'm not a religious person, so blasphemous imagery has never bothered me. Be that as it may, I haven't seen many "nunsploitation" flicks. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect out of Alucarda, although I assumed that I would revel in its tasteless incontinence. I did. However, it doesn't offer much outside of cheap vulgarity and occasionally stylish directing.

The story involves Justine, an innocent youth who arrives at a freaky orphanage. She meets a girl named Alucarda who pulls her into a depraved world of black magic and Satanic orgies. That's it, basically. This is a very simplistic film. I was turned off by the awkward dialogue and the surprising lack of visual effects. There is plenty of fire and blood, but who cares? Alucarda isn't nearly as imaginative as it could have been, given the creepy set pieces. I have a feeling that there are better "nunsploitation" flicks out there somewhere. This one isn't a total loss, but it's a draining experience. And the constant screaming destroyed my fucking nerves. Like, seriously.

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  1. Glad you liked it, well, at least the film lives up to the hype "more blood and loud screaming then anyother film" which is defenetly true.

    I like the nightmarish aura the film has all through out, those scenes with the gypsy, and the devil and the orgies, and then having the girls crucified like that..crazy crazy stuff.

  2. x2 its a crazy ass flick, but one that I enjoy very much as well! Dude I have to email myself and remind me to shoot over a get well soon card, kick my ass if I dont