Godzilla, Satan, etc...

Because of Godzilla, I decided to breathe life back into RR Inc. for the zillionth time.  Not because of Godzilla, I haven't had much time to create content for this here blog.  I've been doing some (video) editing work, while simultaneously trying to curb my depression and enjoy life.  Ideally, I'd have just enough time and energy to comply with all three albatrosses.  You don't see "enjoying life" as a carking albatross, a zinc ballast (I don't know) tied to your ankles, like so many sandbags?  I do!

Speaking of Zillagod, my mommy bought the recent issue of Life that is dedicated to Big G for me.  I've just started to pore over it, but it's one hell of a compendium.  Granted, it's geared toward the genre novice, but it does contain tidbits that even I didn't know.  I advise picking it up.  Also, check out 1989's Satan's Storybook, a shot-on-video anthology that made me crack a smile or two.  It would have been the subject of my next review, but...well, y'know.  I am NOT giving up the site!  This was merely a life update.  I'll be back in a number of days.  High number?  Low number?  Um, right!

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