Night of the Creeps

Since every horror critic/blogger in the universe has reviewed Night of the Creeps, I'm just going to list the reasons why it PWNS YOUR FACE. Wow, sorry. I didn't mean to be so aggressive. It just came out of me. Something about this film conjures up the foaming fanboy inside of my weathered soul. I can normally assess a review subject with some degree of intellect, but there are no two ways about it. Night of the Creeps RULES! Here's why...
  • Tom fucking Atkins. If there was a Tom Atkins store, I would go buy my very own Tom Atkins. Of course, I wouldn't take him out of the packaging. But that's neither here nor there. Atkins plays a cool, nonchalant cop who contends with slugs from outer space. He's a blast to watch, and it's readily apparent that he had fun with the role. This is my favorite Atkins performance next to his brief turn as a verbally abusive father in Creepshow.
  • The likeable, well-developed protagonists.
  • The polished special effects. I love how the zombies look. The undead axe murderer deserves his own franchise.
  • The seamless integration of horror, comedy, and a tiny bit of drama.
  • The crisp photography.
  • The quick pace. Granted, the first 30 minutes are relatively prosaic, but the first act sets the foundation for the chaos to come. I can't care about the characters if I don't know anything about them.
  • The gore!
  • The alternate ending that has finally been added to the film.
  • The DVD itself. Every genre nut should own it.
Sold yet? Hopefully, you've already seen Night of the Creeps, but if not, pick it up instantly. It's the 80's horror film. NOTE: I'm giving it an extra half-Z'Dar for Jill Whitlow's boob shot.


  1. Of course you already know this one is one of my favorites!

    "Thrill Me!" What a line! Drekker mentions on the dvd that that was the scene that got the screenplay started! When Atkins character pics up the phone and says that line.

    I was so happy to finally see that alternate ending...it seems so much more fitting.

  2. Dude, Tom Atkins should be #1 on everyones list. RULE. NotC is so awesome on so many levels. Yet. Somehow. I dont own the DVD yet. Tell people to see it cheaper.