An abortion walks into a bar...

Here is that update I promised.  I was afraid that I wouldn't have made any progress up to this point, but the truth of the matter is that I've been able to squeak out some writing.  It's taking longer than anticipated.  That's just one of the many scrapes that creative writing provides, in addition to bloating and cramping.  What would life be without stumbling blocks?  Enjoyable, probably.

I have the plot, the characters, the premise, the ending, I even have a title...I don't feel like revealing anything just yet.  Everything is in the foetal stage.  A lot of goo and perfectly acceptable to murder.  Sorry, I had to insert an abortion joke.  What would life be without abortion jokes?  Fairly similar, probably.  And that's my update as of right now.  As always, I've been on a steady diet of horror movies and badass metal.  Wait, should I start a new paragraph?  I'm...I'm gonna start a new paragraph.

Whenever I get back to working on this site, I'm eager to add to the "A Band" page.  There are too many goddamn bands.  Speaking of said column, one of the entries concerned Ruins of Beverast (click HERE to read it).  They recently released a new disc entitled The Thule Grimoires, which is sick.  Listen to me.  It's sick.  As.  The letter "f."  Also, I scored half a dozen random VHS tapes at a nerd sale (comparable to a yard sale, only in the parking lot of a comic shop).  Beaming, I cradled a copy of 1958's The Brain Eaters and politely declined blowjobs as I hurried it to its new home.

I picked up Stephen King's This is Horror and an Eric Red thriller called Undertow.  Can't believe it, but I may have accidentally purchased good movies.  It doesn't happen very often.  Alright, I'm done typing.  I'll post another update when I have something interesting to say or report.  So this could potentially be the last thing I ever upload.


Stepping away for a bit...

This will be a strange, bittersweet entry.  First off, I caught 1981's Dragonslayer over the weekend.  I'm opening my palate to more dragon-based media, though I'm still keeping my distance from a certain board game.  I played D&D once.  Look, I'm not proud of it.  I was in my early 20's, an age range where we are encouraged to experiment.  Anyway, I ended the evening by crushing the game itself underneath the wheels of my chair.  True story.  For some reason, I wasn't invited to another role-playing session.  Oh, the movie!  Right.  Dragonslayer is fucking cool.

Those special effects are heavenly.  Swift action sequences are inserted in the appropriate places to spike the pace without obstructing character development.  I really enjoyed the quieter moments, even if I've never been a fan of Peter MacNicol.  It's nothing personal, but back in the 90's ("my day"), he would pop up in seemingly everything as a goofy shithead.  Apparently, this was his acting debut.  He's fine.  He's not the reason I'm writing these words, however.  Neither is Dragonslayer.

I'm at a point where I want/need to focus on creative writing.  Due to severe depression, I have been unable to create for years now.  At present, I feel like I can write and complete something, but I can't simultaneously update this site.  It may not seem like it, but I put a great deal of effort into Random Reviews Incorporated.  Too much, some would say.  If my creative writing is going to see any proliferation, I need to put that kind of effort into it.

I'm sure that this godforsaken blog (I don't care for that term) will return down the line.  It always does.  Maybe I'll chime in with occasional updates?  Lists of compact discs that you should buy?  Yeah, that sounds doable.  Wish me luck, comrades!