20,000 Goosebumps

In celebration of passing the 20,000-hit waypost, we here at Random Reviews Incorporated are holding a special contest. The details!

- To enter, join the Facebook fan club HERE. It's that easy! The winner will be randomly chosen on the 4th of July, which gives you two whole weeks to procrastinate. Feel free to use that time to spread the word.

- The prize...is...hold onto something...a Goosebumps care package! Well, it's nothing major. You could win 3 books and a DVD (it's not the episode pictured above, but you will be receiving the book that episode is based on).

- U.S. residents only!

And those are the details. I tried to keep things as simple as possible. In any event, join the fan club and cross your tentacles. Good luck!

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