Iron Sky

I love it when b-movie concepts worm their way into big-budget studio pictures.  You end up with safeguarded clovers like Slither, Deep Rising and Wishmaster.  By the way, if Wishmaster didn't rock your world, you're living in denial (if you forgot why it kicks piles of ass, click HERE to refresh your memory).  Iron Sky milks an uncurbed, almost cavalier absurdist plot straight out of the 50's.  You may have heard of this flick, but if not, hold onto something sturdy.  I'm serious.  Use soldered metal for leverage.  Iron Sky is about Nazis from outer space.  Technically speaking, they're from Earth, but there is more to the story.  After suffering an opprobrious defeat during WWII, their righteous Reich decamped to the moon in shrouded stealth.  For seven decades, they have worked towards an invasion of Earth to disseminate their message of "unity."

Beneath the surface flapdoodle folly of the script, we are treated to political satire and an atypical romance.  Iron Sky spins a dozen plates at once.  I have to hand it to director Timo Vuorensola for melding so many antithetical genres and making it look easy.  Because it couldn't have been easy.  I was worried that the final product would collapse under its own weight.  This was a major-league production shot in four different countries.  Plus, it was financed and/or distributed by over twenty (!) firms spanning three continents.  There was nothing keeping Iron Sky from becoming a labored, bloated exercise in ataxia.  Thankfully, my fears were causeless.  This flick sports fantastic digital effects, a spirited cast and a proper parity of incisive jokes amongst high-octane action sequences.

The comedy is never too nutty, though a fair percentage of the politically-charged barbs are dated.  You see, Iron Sky's President of the United States of America is a blunt caricature of Sarah Palin.  They're a bit late on that one (if I'm not mistaken, the DVD just landed stateside a month or two ago).  On the acting front, I don't have any grievances to air.  A special mention must go out to Julia Dietze, the cutest Nazi in recorded history.  Her character arc is actually believable, and I dug her credulous enthusiasm.  Props to a proficient actress for creating an endearing sectarian.  I bought what she was selling.  Oh, and Udo Kier is creepy.  What else is new?  Stereotypes are a problem here, but I'm willing to overlook them.  After all, this is a parody.

It could be argued that the social commentary is...on the nose?  I mean, Iron Sky isn't the most subtle work of art you'll ever witness.  Truth be told, it can be short-sighted at times, and I understand why certain viewers take umbrage with the way that America is depicted.  They're not wrong.  In the end, I enjoyed this film for what it is - meteoric entertainment.  Pun intended?  You be the judge.  If you're craving fresh science fiction, don't hesitate to rent this Nazisploitation blowout.  Be sure to sit through the end credits.  I'll say this, pooh-bah producers; if a sequel is given the green light (and it's definitely within the realm of possibility), do everything in your power to bring back Julia Dietze.  She is your anchor.  Your sexy, curvy anchor.


  1. Julia Dietze = hottest Nazi since Macha Magall in The Beast In Heat (SS Hell Camp)

  2. Saw this one last night actually, I appreciated the fact that it was well produced and that the effects were well achieved, but at times it fell a bit off to me, there was something missing...I think maybe there were too many characters and we could never really focus on any given one for too long?

    I did enjoy the critique on America, I mean, as you say, they are right on the nose about that one, and of course on the idea that the big problem we all have in the world is greed and war between countries, the ending suggests a sequel...with post apocalyptic possibilities? Looking forward to that if it ever happens! Here's hoping!

    Kudos to the guys who made it too, it was obviously a labor of love from a group of guys who love cinema, I mean for an indy flick this one ended up looking fantastic! Loved the look of the Nazis and their machinery.

  3. There were a lot of characters, but that comes with the "alien invasion" territory. I'm all for a sequel.