Watercolor Butterfly - THE GOD PARTICLE

So as I was explaining yesterday, I happen to know a member of this band.  To be more precise, I know the vocalist.  That has no bearing on my opinion of this album, though.  I have abnegated any and all bias to apprise Watercolor Butterfly's debut long player in the most objective fashion possible.  Seeing as how this Mexican outfit will be alien to the plurality of my readership (Racist Joke #1), I should describe their sound before unjustly vituperating...I mean, giving a fair assessment of their collective worth.  Right off the bat, you'll hear shades of Opeth and Pain of Salvation.  The pronounced keyboards remind me of the latter, while the Jekyll/Hyde approach to singing reminds me of the former.

Never heard of Opeth or Pain of Salvation?  Well, your taste in music is questionable.  I can't help you there.  I can try to sum up Watercolor Butterfly in broad terms.  "Progressive metal" is a bleary, polysemous heading, but here, it's an apt distinction.  Los Lonelier Boys (Racist Joke #2) also flirt with death metal and piano balladry.  It doesn't feel like a group's first ululation.  What the hell does that mean?  It means that this is a strong debut.  If I didn't know any better, I'd wager that these guys have been jamming in close quarters for over a decade.  The eight tracks that compound The God Particle vibrate with raw talent.  The only reason why this disc doesn't cross into four-Abbath territory is because it hints at potential that may not materialize until a follow-up is set into motion.

Stunning craftsmanship is already present.  I mentioned keys earlier, but I need to expatiate upon the mad skillz of one Norberto Ortiz.  He fucking mutilates his instrument, as does guitarist Ricardo Pacheco.  I'll get to lead throat Diego Valenzuela in a minute (patience, my child).  Ironically, my favorite cut is "Between Asleep and Awake Part 1," a diaphanous instrumental.  It's buoyed by a fragile, melodic guitar solo that is bound to melt your liver.  Or something.  My pal, Diego, is a damn fine troubadour.  It's unfortunate that the mix doesn't do him any favors.  Maybe it's the microphone, but his vox don't blend with the layers of sonic sex underneath.

Don't get the wrong impression; his vokills kick a wide variety of ass.  In time, the dynamics of his range will only improve, and that's a scary thought.  His growls are positively Satanic.  My issues with the production stem from budgetary restrictions, as opposed to human failings.  That's why I'm hoping that executives in cushy positions catch wind of Watercolor Butterfly.  As much as I dig The God Particle, I know these motherfuckers are capable of destroying it with future releases.  Check out the tyrannical riffs of "Sacrifice My Name" and the deliberate harmonies of "Lightless Firefly."  That's some good shit.  If you've read this far, you might as well visit their Facebook page.

Again, this isn't a soulless advertisement.  I wasn't paid (enough) to shower Watercolor Butterfly with praise.  Besides, I barely respect Diego.  He watches My Little Pony, for cunt's sake.

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