Matches That Time Forgot #66

I was going to post a match from the idiosyncratic world of the indies, but then I saw this beauty. "Stunning" Steve Austin versus Scott Steiner?  Who in their right mind would pass this up?  First of all, there aren't many Steiner singles bouts on record before 1997, so if you see one, lap it up.  As expected, Scotty uses every suplex known to man.  Jeepers, what I wouldn't pay to watch him (in his prime) take on Brock Lesnar.  But that would be another blurb!

Of course, Austin is distinguished.  I love that he's paired with Medusa.  Apart from Paul, they are probably my two favorite members of The Dangerous Alliance.  Can it get any more orgiastic?  Yes, it can!  On commentary, we have Sir Heyman and Jim Ross!  Exclamation point!  Y'know, Austin has razzed and downplayed his actual wrestling ability, but it's clear that he knew what he was doing.  I get a charge out of the technical side of things, as it relates to both wrasslin' and death metal.

PS - Check out Dogface Gremlin going for the pin after the match had ended via disqualification.  Yes, I said Dogface Gremlin.  "Not my match?  Whatever, I'm gonna win!"

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