Never Sleep Again

If you're like me, you know almost everything there is to know about the Elm Street franchise. Freddy is my favorite villain of all time. He gave me countless nightmares as a child, and ever since I became a rabid horror junkie, I made it my mission in life to read as much as I could about the crispy one. Interviews, Fangoria articles, wikipedia entries...I absorbed enough knowledge to make an Elm Street documentary. Y'know, like this one. That's why Never Sleep Again felt a little pointless to me. Every serious horror fan knows most of this stuff. No, not all of it, but at least 75% of it.

In this instance, 75% accounts for three hours of material. On the upside, people can point to Never Sleep Again as being the definitive Elm Street documentary. It certainly uses all four hours to cram as much stuff into your head as possible. I'm not saying that it's poorly made. Hell, it's awesome. I just had a hard time staying plugged in after the halfway point. I did appreciate how they handled some of the goofier sequels like Freddy's Revenge and Freddy's Dead (both of which are underrated, in my opinion). Addressing the former's homoerotic overtones was a wise move, as the topic lightened up the proceedings. Man, Mark Patton looks like a completely different person, as does the "hall monitor" girl (ew, by the way).

The tidbits of minutiae that I was not privy to were quite interesting. I love how the teenage cast members of Dream Warriors went to Robert Englund for advice on how to woo Patricia Arquette. I would have done the same thing. What you get out of Never Sleep Again will depend on whether or not you're a willing participant. Personally, I wasn't willing to sit through four hours of anecdotes that I was already familiar with, and technically, I didn't. I fell asleep towards the end. No rating because I don't feel objective about this one.


  1. Sorry you weren't that into it. Did you have a chance to check out the extras? Some stuff solidifies this as the definitive collection but some of the bonus material is a bit "meh!" At least I know where to get a real blade Freddy glove now.

  2. Nah, I didn't get to the extras. I wasn't enthused enough to explore the rest of the DVD. Still, it's very, very cool for what it is.

  3. I want to check this one out, dont know why, but I wasnt aware of its existence, I guess it suits me for not hanging out at Arrow in the Head anymore! Ha! But hey, Ill definetly be checking it out soon! Im a huuuuuuge Freddy fan!

    By the way, I recently reviewed Freddy's Revenge on my blog if you are interested!

  4. I simply cant be bothered by this one, I know more than I ever wished to know about the series, but the one thing that is worth watching for is the INCREDIBLE stop motion entrance to the documentary!