Random Reviews: Phase II

From the moment I created this blog to the time of my surgery, Random Reviews popped and crackled like strips of bacon resting on the surface of the sun. Since then, everything has died down. The recovery process has been unbearable at times. It now seems that the surgery itself was ineffective. It was a complete waste of time. Over the past few months, I feel like I've let down my readers. I am now faced with the challenge of building this blog back up. It will be a little different than it was before. I may even change the name to accommodate some of the new ideas I have. I won't be able to update it every single day. In retrospect, I'm not sure how I was able to update it so much before.

Anyway, my first new review since the surgery will be posted tomorrow. I said this on the last update, but it bears repeating...I've slacked off long enough!


  1. New reviews, new reviews!! Sorry to hear that the surgery wasnt as successful as we all hoped Dom, but I hope youre doing better man

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  3. Well, its good to have you back man! I was wondering about you bro! Sorry to hear your operation wasnt a complete success. But hey, its good to see you in such good spirits and ready to blog like a mad man! Looking forward to future posts Dom!