Matches That Time Forgot #14

This is the first Undertaker match that I've culled for this column. The Last Outlaw doesn't work a full schedule anymore, but in the early days, he was a wrestling machine. Due to his exacting itinerary, the majority of his matches were feckless, inconsequential midcard jousts against the most random heels that Vince's daffy roster had to offer. Thus, they were...forgotten. This is a bout from the first season of Monday Night Raw. See The Phenom clash with Samu of The Headshrinkers!

A couple of notes...at one point, Taker pulls out a fucking dropkick. I can't recall any other matches where he executes a fucking dropkick, though I could be mistaken. Despite a major botch within the first minute, this is a fun fight. The Headshrinkers are one of my favorite tag teams from the 90's. The New Headshrinkers were just as gnarly, but they never received a true push. Vince was eager to give Fatu a singles run, and I understand why.

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