Parts Unknown #74: Raw

I might skip Raw next week. I need a break. I don't need a break from writing, mind you. I just need a break from the WWE. I'm getting fed up with this. Back in the day, there was one roster, one pool of talent. It was a simpler time. Nowadays, there are too many guys who deserve a push, which means that the main event picture is a muddled imbroglio. Yes, that's a word, and it's fucking appropriate.


~ The Del Rio/JoMo match. It was given enough time, and even though we knew that The Prince of Parkour was destined for a loss, the nearfalls were well-executed.

~ Eve's redemption. She seems to work better with lousy wrestlers. That is one sick neckbreaker.

~ Punk's promos. What else is new?

~ I would have had Bourne/Kingston win the tag titles at Night of Champions, but whatever. This division is taking shape. I'm digging the friction between Otunga/McGillicutty and Jerry "The King" Lawler. A solid tag team division thrives on non-title feuds.

~ Miz and Truth...instant heel tag team. Their segment was all over the place, but that's the way it should be. It fits their characters.


~ Del Rio should not be the WWE Champion. John Cena should not be the number one contender. How can an angle deteriorate so quickly? Cena/Punk is the feud that everyone cares about. It's the feud that made Money in the Bank a resounding success. It's the feud that implicates the top wrestlers on Raw. Road Warrior Animal's annoying brother and a car crash conspiracy? Fuck you.

~ If Vickie Guerrero is slated to manage a stable of dastardly heels, then book it already. Stop fucking around.

~ Where the cunt is Drew McIntyre???

I'm not happy.

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