Dead Links #11

Duck!  It's another Goosebumps post!  Before I sat down to write my review of The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, I looked to see if there was a website dedicated to analyzing this masterly series.  Lo and behold, there was!  It's called Blogger Beware, and the author (I can't find a name) has tackled pretty much every single Goosebumps tome to date.  I bring this to your attention with an altruistic caveat.  The reviews are well-written and interplaited with wry humor, but by and large, each one is a glorified synopsis.  I don't care for book/movie critics who take the "90% plot summary" approach.  It's a personal preference.

Let me make something very, very clear; I'm not bashing Blogger Beware.  If I thought it lacked merit, I wouldn't showcase it as a Dead Link.  I'm just saying...my Goosebumps review was better. *snickers*

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