Matches That Time Forgot #51

We're going old school today.  Old school tag team action, that is.  We have The Dream Team (Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Dino Bravo) plus Johnny Valiant versus The Killer Bees plus Koko B. Ware.  I'll be perfectly honest with you.  I haven't seen many Bees matches, but I do consider them to be underrated in the grand scheme of things.  They were a steadfast staple of WWF's tag team division throughout most of the 80's.  In 2013, they're more famous for pissing off The Iron Shiek.  I have no opinion of The Dream Team, but needless to say, Valentine carries the load.  This is an energetic donnybrook replete with a babyface beatdown to bring the match to a close.

Gorilla Monsoon reminds us that Koko's entrance theme is a "hit cut" that can be found on Piledriver: The Wrestling Album 2.  Much has been said about the legitimacy of The Birdman's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, and I...agree with the bulk of what has been said.  He did some decent stuff in Memphis, I grant you.  Still, I challenge you - I fucking challenge you - to name one memorable Koko B. Ware match.  Hell, name one memorable feud.  You can't!  And Bob Backlund is just now being inducted?  Cunt almighty.

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