Blood Capsule #30


I'm genuinely shocked that I've never heard anyone utter a single word about this flick.  What we have here is an action/horror hybrid with polished production values, a copacetic villain and a script that repackages mildewed clichés in unique ways.  Those aren't the traits that will sell Full Eclipse to surfeited horror hounds, though.  No, its most advantageous feature is its synopsis.  The plot revolves around...wait for it...werewolf cops!  And the main character is played by...Mario Van Peebles!  Why hasn't this monster mash become a cult classic?  It's not seamless by any stretch of the imagination, but I got a hearty kick out of it.  Here, lycanthropes are detonated by a serum, a "super vaccine."

I hesitate to go into further details.  You just need to see Full Eclipse for yourself.  As fresh as the premise happens to be, director Anthony Hickox does indulge in a plurality of hokey "macho movie" tropes.  Mario's partner dies in the opening scene mere minutes after announcing that he's planning to retire and settle down.  Oh, snap!  We're also treated to plenty of slow-motion explosions.  Personally, I didn't mind the discernible cheese.  Recommended to fans of Lethal Weapon and Dog Soldiers.  Yeah.  Seriously, why is this wonderful thing so obscure?  It even stars Paula Marshall, for Max Headroom's sake.  Oh, Paula.  You might be the hottest werewolf I've ever ogled.

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