Geek Out #82

Remember Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy?  If not, they were presented as Disney Sunday "movies" in the mid-80's.  I put "movies" in quotation marks because each chapter clocked in at 45 minutes.  They offer a sensational cloudburst of nostalgia for geeks my age, but appallingly, neither bundle of Boogedy has made the transition to DVD.  That really fucking sucks for two reasons.  A) Well, they rule.  B) Only Bride was released on home video, and it's a bit of a white elephant.

I'm in the process of procuring bootlegs, but if you're lazy (I'm not judging you, trust me), the Boogedy double feature can be accessed on YouTube.  This is a clip from the original featuring a dancing mummy.  So enjoy.

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