Blood Capsule #42


Alternately known as The Death King, this experimental film served as Jorg Buttgereit's follow-up to Nekromantik.  It's an informal anthology in that the narrative is abscinded into seven segments, all of which address a congruous theme.  What is the theme of the day?  Suicide.  Speaking in broad terms, I suppose that Der Todesking simply addresses death, but there are billows of conceptual chowder to lade with your jesuitic...um, ladle.  Baby Jesus, where the fuck am I going here?  I do apologize, dear reader.  I get lost in words from time to time.  If you're not careful (segue alert), you will lose yourself in Mr. Buttgereit's seemingly abstract editing.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Der Todesking.  Cryptic, yet provocative symbolism struggles to sync up with buckram acting and an erratic score.  There are certainly a couple of stand-out performances, and I was genuinely impressed with the camerawork (the "bridge" tableau is goddamn stellar).  I can't deny that there is something about this flick that gestates in your mind's womb long after the credits roll.  Your mind's womb???  Man, I can digress like a motherfucker.  I could write a flatulent disquisition on Buttgereit's sophomore outing, so it's probably a good thing that this is a blood capsule, as opposed to a bloodbath.  In short, it's worth scoping out.


  1. My favorite Buttgereit film, there's just something so "off" about it. I know that can be said of all Buttgereit's stuff but the way this ones put together makes it seem all the more sketchier and the imagery is unforgettable. Perfect choice for a screen cap by the way.

    Very much looking forward to the German Angst anthology Buttgereit's a part of.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, that might have been my favorite "day."