Dead Links #14

I realize that this has nothing to do with horror, metal or wrestling.  Trust me; I realize.  But I'd like to start using this column to explore the uncharted capriccios of the world weird web.  Think of it as a reconnaissance mission.  Today, I use Random Reviews as a dredging machine to clear out silt from the business end of a suction pipe.  Understand?  Terrific.  I will tell you right now, this dead link is not safe for work.  In all frank sincerity, it's not safe for home either.  Should you choose to forge ahead, make sure you're alone, and even then, tell God to avert his/her eyes.  I mean, God is everywhere, right?  Personally, I imagine that our tutelary creator scarfs down a can of Pringles while I flog the bishop.

So Efukt is...porn comedy?  How else can I describe it?  The most hygienic (I almost typed "jejune," I swear to Gloopen) videos are mere bloopers.  Other updates are borderline illegal.  I felt awful for watching some of them, but of course, I couldn't look away.  Pissing, crying, slapping...the bases are covered, and (in)appropriate clips are inserted for optimum effect.  Ugh, why the hell am I posting this pond scum?  You know you're going to click the link.  You disgust me.  Go apologize to your mother.


  1. Basically the best website ever. Rocco Siffredi should be their spokesman, he's in pretty much every other video posted on there. "Its only smellz".

  2. Tom! Do you consider yourself to be a porn aficionado?