Festivities on the horizon...

Now that I've successfully raped your retinas, allow me to unspool the site's schedule for the rest of March.  Heh, who am I kidding?  There is no schedule!  I am, however, attending Mad Monster Party for the third year running.  It's a kewl horror convention that explodes this weekend.  I leave Friday night, and I return Saturday.  As per usual, there will be a write-up.  I don't have too many goals or expectations this time out.  I'm just going to dig on the general atmosphere and have fun.

Guess what I'm prepping?  The long (like, really fucking long), long-awaited third installment of Bookworm Infested.  Go back and read the first two installments to get yourself properly lubricated for the event.  Stay tuned, flying robots!

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