Irish Whipped

That's Becky Lynch.  She was known as Rebecca Knox on the independent circuit.  Last night, she debuted on NXT.  Like Paige and Emma, she has serious wrestling experience, so naturally, WWE producers have given her a goofball gimmick.  She happens to have a strong Irish accent.  Can't you just see the hamster-propelled wheels spinning?  "Hmm, Irish.  Let's try green ring gear, a traditional Celtic entrance theme and...um, dancing!  Dancing always works!"  After Adam Rose, I thought we were done with this pisscrap.  Did my call for a moratorium on dance-offs fall on willfully deaf ears?

It's still early.  There is time to correct lapses in judgment and repackage Lynch as a bare-knuckle badass.  Stephanie McMahon is a woman in power, so I'm surprised that the former federation can't seem to book females.  Paige isn't as over as she should be, and what happened to my precious Emma?  Mercifully, NXT is leagues above Raw or Smackdown, even taking dubious gimmicks into consideration.  We are beginning to see a fleet spate of tag teams gush forth to keep The Ascension company.  I'm really digging the dyad of Big Cass and Enzo Amore.

Spring for the WWE Network if you haven't already.  I'm no shill.  You can trust that I haven't devolved into a stool pigeon (???), so if I sponsor something, you better believe that it's jurisprudent mintage.  In other words, it's fucking legit.

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