Matches That Time Forgot #61

A-ha!  You thought that I had forgotten about this column, didn't you?  Well, I did.  But...um, here's a new entry!  It's unbelievably sad.  The company?  TNA (wait, come back)  The year?  2014.  So it's pretty recent, and yet, only one of the men involved in this six-fucker tag is currently situated on TNA's roster.  How does that happen?  Yasu and The Great (motherfucking) Muta appeared as special guests as part of a cross-promotional event.  They called it a talent exchange with Wrestle-1, Muta's splinter enterprise that was created in the wake of AJPW's mass exodus.  It's a long story.

Technically, Sanada - their tag partner - is still on contract with TNA because he's the reigning X Division Champion.  The opposing side consists of Chris Sabin and Bad Influence (Kazarian/Daniels, a goddamn epic pairing).  Three insanely talented dudes.  Of course, they split from TNA in the weeks following Lockdown, which speaks to Dixie Carter's arrant cretinism.  I don't need to explain why this match is already forgotten.  Sure, it's an active bout, but in the end, it was ultimately meaningless.

What a shame.  Muta is a fucking trooper.  If you'll notice, he can barely stagger around the ring (man, those knees have seen some shit), but when he goes, he goes.  I don't know how he manages to wrestle at such a blinding pace.  Bear in mind, he's older than The Undertaker.  That's a legit badass, folks.

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