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Gratuitous picture of Emma is gratuitous.  I'll allow it.  I didn't get around to writing about NXT or Lucha Underground this past week, but Roadblock falls on Saturday night.  I'll talk about that on either Sunday or Monday.  Can I just say that I love the fact that an NXT tag title defense was added to the card?  Because aside from HHH/Ambrose, Roadblock is looking pretty sorry.  Reigns versus Sheamus?  That's almost cruel.  I'm hoping that WWE will swerve us and give Ambrose an upset victory.  You want "buzz" heading into Wrestlemania.  The Lunatic Fringe as champion will create "buzz," with or without quotation marks.

On a sidenote, we're starting to see more female wrestling on LU.  A simple suggestion, if I may...next season, drop the Gift of the Gods title and replace it with a women's title.  Bring in a few extra chicas.  Make the division prestigious.  Just spitballing here.  Anyway, I'll be posting a movie review in the coming days/decades.  You can hardly contain yourself!

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