The Heir is Contaminated

I haven't read any reviews of 10 Cloverfield Lane yet, but I did see it Saturday.  Here is my prediction of the general consensus.  Just an educated guess.  Most fans will totally dig it.  They will ennoble and give a posy to every cast member, especially John Goodman.  Aside from a second or two, I didn't think of Dan Connor once; that's for goddamn sure.  They will remark that the suspense is lean.  They will even say that the CGI is above board.  Ah, the special effects.  They denote sci-fi ingredients, don't they?  Fret not.  I am not going to spoil anything.  Thankfully, this film is easy to discuss without divulging details.

I predict that a healthy number of theater patrons will grow impatient waiting for...y'know, monster stuff.  It's there.  And I liked it, but it only accounts for 20 of 103 minutes.  Eh, that didn't vex me too much, but the climax did feel afterthought-y.  Was this a pre-existing script remodeled into a Cloverfield companion piece?  What is the link between the two movies?  Will this come to be an anthology series?  All insistent questions, but by and large, I enjoyed the hell out of 10 Cloverfield Lane.  Hats off to first-time feature director Dan Trachtenberg who knows his way around a camera.  There is no conceivable way I can smoothly transition into wrestling.

WWE Roadblock was surprisingly harmonious.  Is it just me or did it have the vibe of an NXT: Takeover bash?  I'm not just saying that because of the NXT tag title match, which rocked.  I know it's Canada, but that's the crowd reaction you want.  Charlotte and Natalya tore the house down.  In spite of the finish (I really, really wanted Dean to pick up the victory), the main event was spectacular.  Match of the Year contender, easily.  Man, I hope they have something uber-cool planned for the Trips/Roman scuffle at Wrestlemania.  I think they do.  I think it will involve a club of some sort.


  1. I want to see Cloverfield - always loved John Goodman as an actor and liked the trailers for it. Glad to hear you thought it was decent.

  2. I'm pretty sure you'd dig it, Erin. :)