After being threatened with violence, I finally watched Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.  It was good.  It was a good thing.  Almost frustrating, though.  The target audience is mootable.  The film was primarily made for children, yet mature enough for adults.  TV-Y7?  My point is, where do I go with any complaints I may or may not have?  Should I even bother "critiquing" it?  Then again, most of the people who own Mask of the Phantasm are probably adults.  They enjoyed it, and hey, so did I!  But this fucking Phantasm character.  Don't worry, citizens of Gotham; I won't spoil the villain's identity.

He/she can disappear at will.  How?  Imagine a cripple shrugging their (crippled) shoulders right now.  He/she is seemingly followed by a fog machine, unless the fog is expended through some sort of intubation system.  A catheter?  But it would have to be the inverse of a catheter.  Does Phantasm piss steam?  If that were the case, then why-OH FUCK, I FORGOT TO POST PICTURES!

KO...a.k.a. the fucking man.

The weapons atop Dean's Asylum.  Notice Mitch in the back.

Looks like they're standing in milk.  HEY, BECKY!

The New Day pre-time travel.

The Bulletproof Balor Club of Styles.  Or whatever.  They need their own name.

Natty was fly.

Sad RomanTron is sad.

Cesaro post-strip.

Stephanie checking me out.

If you click on each image, you will see a version that is exactly the same size. lol Fuck off. lol

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