NXT Round-Up

New format!  Because!  A few days after last week's NXT write-up, I realized that the Roderick Strong retrospective had completely slipped my mind.  Thankfully, there was a second part this week.  I don't know why WWE doesn't cut more of these pieces together for embryonic hayseeds (Strong isn't new to the game, but he's new to The Game), especially talents who struggle to get over.  I'll be honest; before viewing both halves of Strong's segment, I felt as if he needed something.  He doesn't exactly excrete personality, y'know? Turns out, this is what he needed, as it makes him a sympathetic figure with a reason to flourish.

KILLIAN DAIN VS. DANNY BURCH ~ Squash.  I dig both gentleman, but David/Goliath matches fatigue me.

HEAVY MACHINERY VS. JOBBERS ~ Another squash.  I concede that this particular team needs the exposure.  Future contenders, I reckon.

HIDEO ITAMI VS. KONA REEVES ~ Integrating Itami back into the title picture is a swell idea, and it was smart to feature the champ backstage.  I don't have much of an opinion about Kona, though we've seen him several times now.  The jury is still out.

WOMEN'S BATTLE ROYAL ~ I.  Loved.  This.  The stars of the division were counted for, but we also got a look at wrasslers on the climb, including a debut (the repackaged Rosie Lottalove...her name escapes me) or two (Candice!).  The finish was logical and in keeping with Asuka's hubristic character.  I love (there is that word again) the fact that she's essentially a full-blown heel and gets more cheers than most of the ladies on the main roster.  With almost anyone else, it would bother me, but it's Asuka.  That's my justification.  It's Asuka!

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