NXT Round-Up

ALEISTER BLACK VS. CEZAR BONONI ~ If this were 1991, Black would be The Undertaker and this show would be Superstars.  Here we see another squash where The...um, he doesn't have a nickname yet, does he?  Anyway, Black makes quick work of Bononi, but we continue to see new snippets of offense from The...goddamn it, he needs a nickname.

NIKKI CROSS FREAKS US OUT ~ This was a refreshing segment. Ruby Riot had her intro interview, and it was the typical "I've always wanted to wrestle" sales pitch we've heard a thousand times before. That's why I heart Cross.  She's batshit deranged.  Her intro interview consisted of playing with the boom mic, screaking at the reporter and stalking the camera until she was enveloped by her own shadow.  It ends with Cross whispering provocation in complete darkness.  Creepy?  Yep.  Badass?  You bet.

D.I.Y. VS. RIDDICK MOSS/TINO SABBATELLI ~ An established duo takes on an untrodden, high-reaching team in a strong debut. Moss and Sabbatelli are generic heels for right now, but they were afforded the opportunity to showcase some of their unique abuse. The tag division is booming.

HIDEO ITAMI VS. RODERICK STRONG ~ This bout determined the number one contender for Bobby Roode's NXT Championship. Should I spoil it?  I mean, it's been a little while (this round-up is gently, tenderly late), so caution must be fucked to the wind.  Itami scores the pinfall!  I dig the booking.  After being injured twice and missing a rift of ring time, winning a significant match is the best way to keep him relevant.  I'm looking forward to seeing how his style meshes with that of The Glorious One.  Man alive, the match itself was epic.  Charged back-and-forth action, stinging chops and finisher teases helped tear the house down.  Note that neither Strong nor Itami kicked out of a signature move.  Right.  On.

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