Parts Unknown #88: Raw

Three hours of Raw...you'd think that I would have a lot to say, but I don't. Shit, if it wasn't for Smackdown, I would take a sabbatical from WWE programming.


~ I enjoyed The Rock's contributions to the proceedings. Mauling Mick Foley was a clever, unpredictable move (it saved a sagging segment). The stand-off opposite The Awesome Truth wasn't booked properly, but it was an entertaining way to scratch the show. Miz and Truth needed to look stronger going into Survivor Series, though.

~ Mick Foley's reveal. I knew that he had appeared at a house show, but I was shocked to see him on Raw. In retrospect, I should have seen his arrival coming from a mile away. I'm not too bright.

~ The match between Kofi/Cara and Hunico/Rhodes. I approve of Cody's new entrance theme.

~ Zack Ryder's petition is a vote of confidence, or at least that's what I'm telling myself. I think that they will pencil in his shot at the United States Championship at the last minute.

~ Bull Buchanan was funny.

~ The Sheamus/Swagger match. I don't remember details, as I was beginning to doze off by this point.

~ Del Rio/Henry versus Punk/Show...I loved Punk's aggression. If he doesn't win the belt on Sunday, it will be a crime against reason.


~ Mother of cunt, the time they wasted on Cole's Challenge and Cena's "This is Your Life" could have been used to build relevant storylines, to spotlight superstars who never catch a fucking break, to do anything else! Goddamn! Why keep Cole as a commentator? Fucking why??? What's the point of dragging Jim Ross to ringside for one or two matches every other week?

~ Still no Brodus Clay?

~ Mason Ryan is godawful. Send him back to FCW.

~ A Kelly Kelly roll-up victory? Stupendous. You might as well 86 the entire Diva's Division. How can anyone take this bullshit seriously?

~ What are they doing with Kevin Nash? Seriously, what are they doing?

Three hours and nothing accomplished. Holy shit.

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