Geek Out #35

If you're the kind of "old school" horror buff that I am, this video (and the videos that I'll be linking to) will make you geek out like you have never geeked out before. It was tailor-made for this column. As some of you might know, movie collections are in vogue on YouTube. It's becoming more and more common for people to upload footage of their collections, and not just for bragging rights (although the fine gentleman that I'm about to introduce to you has earned the right to brag). I'm assuming the same could be said for collectors of stamps or baseball cards, but we're focusing on horror films. To be more specific, we're focusing on horror VHS collections.

This motherfucker. Oh my God. If this guy started a cult, I would follow it. No questions asked. Castrations, suicide pacts, blood orgies...I'd be down for anything. If you think I'm overreacting, just wait until you see his "VHS room." EASILY 4,000 tapes, maybe even 5,000. I would sell my anus to sit in this room for ten minutes. Whenever I get bored, I watch one of these videos (there are plenty to choose from on his profile). In each clip, he pulls out a handful of titles and shows them off for various reasons. It's beyond entertaining. Of course, you'll feel like a chump after watching one of these videos, as he puts pretty much every other VHS collector to shame.

Click HERE to visit his YouTube channel. WARNING: You may need to have a box of tissues within reach.

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