Dead Links #10

It occurred to me that I haven't written about wrestling in awhile.  There is plenty to discuss.  The Shield made a smashing in-ring debut at TLC.  Earlier tonight, The Boogeyman, The New Age Outlaws and Ric (fuckin') Flair all surfaced on Raw.  Exciting things are happening in WWE.  Be that as it may, the industry will never arrive at the fever pitch of public interest propagated by territories.  Remember those?  Perhaps I should recuse myself, as I was born one year before Wrestlemania separated the major leagues from the minor leagues.  Despite my age, I find the olden days to be fascinating.

This dead link deals almost exclusively with "territorial pissings."  It deals with Memphis, to be exact.  Kentucky Fried Wrestling is a blog authored by Scott Bowden, a former referee-cum-manager.  He grew up idolizing guys like Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Austin Idol (pun probably intended).  Later in life, he would get the opportunity to work for The King, so it goes without saying that he has a litany of stories to tell.  KFW isn't updated as regularly as it used to be, but it contains three years worth of editorials to sift through.  I recommend searching for any article on "Macho Man" Randy Savage.  It's readily apparent why he was considered to be a consummate professional.

Hmm, I am second-guessing my choice to upload an image of The Fabulous Ones.

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