The Fishtones? NONE HEAVIER!

That is Batley.  From Eureka's Castle.  He is your God.  But he's not here for any particular reason.  I'm just writing to say that I may be adding a new column to the site.  Yeah, I know...I can barely keep up with the columns that presently exist.  I have a lot on my plate (more archiving, a non-site writing project, etc.), but I have made a concentrated effort to set time aside for reading.  It's a hobby I spurned for most of my adult life.  For various reasons, I have become inspired recently to pick up a ghastly tome or two.  You know what that means, don't you?  Book reviews!

I've already selected the rating icon.  It's fucking special.  I'll go into further detail about this endeavor tomorrow.  In (kinda-sorta) related news, I'll probably post a new Vanity Scare on Wednesday.  Hold onto your feminine hygiene!


  1. So now I can ask you, "whatcha reading?"

  2. I can't give away my review material!

    PS-I mentioned it on Facebook earlier.