Tape Mold

What is Tape Mold?  It's an underground DIY zine aimed at VHS collectors.  The horror-leaning rag is spearheaded by Dan Kinem of VHShitfest.  I just finished reading the second issue, and I don't mind giving it my Robert Z'Dar-shaped stamp of approval (a distinguished insignia, to be sure).  One of the reasons why I wanted to plug it is because I'm actually writing a review for an upcoming issue.  Like I said, Tape Mold leans in the direction of the horror genre, but it covers VHS oddities of all stripes.  I particularly enjoyed Kinem's laudatory portrait of BBW porn star pathfinder Big Bad Bertha (pictured above).  I can't say that I'm in a hurry to acquire a copy of Oil of L.A., though.

I'll let you guys/gals know when my work is published.  In the meantime, pick up the second issue of Tape Mold HERE.

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